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fresh startIt’s no surprise that in this economic climate many families have found themselves truing to bankruptcy to protect their homes and livelihood.  Last year alone more than a Million Americans filed for bankruptcy and got a Fresh Start.

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About Your Free Phone or In-Person Consultation

During your free consultation, I will personally review your unique personal situation and explain how bankruptcy might affect each of your debts, your property –such as home, vehicles and other assets. We will not recommend bankruptcy unless it makes sense for you and your circumstances. Our goal is to provide the very best legal counsel to our clients and present you our all your possible options.

Could you imagine putting an end to the stress you face daily because of your financial problems:

  • Bill collectors who will call you at home, work, or even attempt to speak with relatives concerning repayment.
  • Lawsuits filed against you by Creditors’ Attorneys which led to judgments being obtained against you.
  • The fear that your wages will be garnished or your checking or savings account frozen by creditors.
  • The repossession of your vehicle if a lender has a lien against the vehicle and you have missed two consecutive car payments.
  • The fear of foreclosure due to the fact that you have fallen behind in your payments and the lender refuses to work out a repayment for the arrears due.

Are you growing tired of barely making it from month to month?  Have your accounts been levied or frozen, or your wages garnished?  Are you on the verge of an eviction or foreclosure?

Jeffrey WilliamsIf you’ve had enough and don’t know what to do next, don’t worry I am here to help. There is NOTHING embarrassing about taking advantage of a Congress-passed law designed JUST FOR THESE situations. —Jeffrey – (888) 900-9078

Bankruptcy can put and end to the harassment, stop your foreclosure or eviction, keep you finances safe from garnishments or levies and can even stop repossessions and lawsuits.  You can keep you home, keep your car keep your hard earned money.

Bankruptcy law was written to help you when you face financial difficulties, and can eliminate your debt and give you a fresh start.  You can start re-building your life and your credit today, Bankruptcy may be your best option and we can help!

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