My Philosophy

My Philosophy

An Innovative and Personalized Approach

fresh startMy first responsibility is in educating my clients about the Bankruptcy process. Yes, the Bankruptcy Laws are complicated but that doesn’t mean you can’t be brought up to speed in short order by reviewing your circumstances and then sharing the accumulated results I’ve personally had a hand in in finding relief from smothering debt problems. Being in debt is overwhelming —but filing for Bankruptcy shouldn’t be. I am here to help you but this mess behind you and get you a fresh start. Fresh Start is a term you may have seen on other websites. That is th term that our U.S. Congress came up with when they made these laws to help U.S. citizens.

Jeffrey WilliamsYou and I have faced some of the most awful economic times in decades – especially here in California with a legislature that spends tax payers money like so-called “drunken sailors” and consequently we live in a very expensive-to-live state. Individuals and businesses alike are facing harsh and lean times and are finding themselves having to cut back on their day-to-day expenses, even considering bankruptcy as a final solution to solve their rising debt. What businesses and regular folks need is sound legal advice and experienced representation to advise them and assist them through the Bankruptcy process.

I work with clients who face problems that warrant a Bankruptcy Filing such as:

  • those with measurable decrease in their income due to unemployment
  • those who are victims of ObamaCare and have had their hours reduced to 29 or less
  • those with huge credit card debt
  • those with overwhelming medical bills
  • those who fell into the trap of the “Pay Day Loans” trap
  • those with facing increasing interest rates on their home mortgages
  • those facing foreclosure
  • those who are struggling with small businesses on the verge of financial demise

If you are drowning because of one or more of these situations, I am here to help. My years of experience and training allows me to address a wide range of financial and legal concerns in connection with all aspects of your possible bankruptcy. Call me. Speak to me personally & confidentially.

There is NOTHING embarrassing about taking advantage of a Congress-passed law designed JUST FOR THESE situations. —Jeffrey – (888) 900-9078

We believe that each client and each situation is unique. We strive to provide comprehensive and individualized attention to all of our clients.

website for leaseFiling bankruptcy is a serious matter and is not something that should be done hastily or without a full understanding of the law. In many cases, it is vital to examine an array of different considerations regarding timing, type of bankruptcy, and assets in determining when filing a bankruptcy petition will maximize your ability to protect of your assets, reduce the amount of non-dischargeable debt, and shift certain presumptions in your favor.

We understand that financial difficulties can be stressful and overwhelming and we seek to treat our clients with courtesy, compassion and kindness.

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Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorneys at Jeffrey Williams will personally assist you in comprehensively analyzing your situation and providing you and your family a tailored solution.

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