Stop Wage Garnishment

Avoid or STOP Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishments are often last ditch efforts at debt collection and hits those already barely getting by where it can be crippling: further limiting an individual’s ability to pay the bills, put gas in the car and feed their families.

A wage garnishment is a painful and often embarrassing legal process that most people, already in financial turmoil, could do without. Your employer is forced by law to deduct a certain proportion of money from your paycheck every pay period as authorized by a court. While it is against the law for an employer to fire an employee whose wages are garnished, the fact is, your employer is now fully-aware of your financial turmoil and may cause them to reconsider their overall opinion of you as an employee.

How much of my paycheck can be taken?

In California, the law allows creditors to garnish 25% of your net income. This is a substantial amount if you are living paycheck to paycheck and may affect your ability to provide for your families’ needs forcing you to take action to protect yourself.

How to Stop Wage Garnishment in California

  • (1) – File an Exemption – In California you may be able to stop a Wage Garnishment by filing an exemption. If your exemption is deemed credible, you may be able to have the wage garnishment stopped or the amount of the garnishment reduced. In order to have an exception filing be successful, you must prove that the amount of your pay being garnished is absolutely critical to support you or your family.
  • (2) – File for Bankruptcy – You can stop the wage garnishment by filing for bankruptcy in California. While most people may see this as a last resort, the truth is, if your financial problems are so dire that you are facing a garnishment, your situation has been in a “last resort condition” for some time already. It may be time to face the truth and use the protection that the U.S. Congress made available for your very situation. If it is both acceptable and considered part of life for corporate America to use the protections afforded through bankruptcy – why shouldn’t the lone individual or family? When you file for bankruptcy there is an automatic stay put in place that will stop the wage garnishment.

Congress established Bankruptcy to help people and businesses in trouble

If your wages are being garnished, this might be the final straw for you as it is for others in your situation. This over-reaching, radical move might awaken you to finally step-up and take back control of your life. Following a garnishment, it is common for people to finally wake up and through some Internet research learn that they are not powerless; that not only can they stop the garnishment, but they can stop ALL OF IT: stop the lawsuits; stop the repossessions; stop the phone calls; stop the harassment, and stop the emotional roller coaster and stress once and for all.

Bankruptcy is an established process designed at the federal level to save people anywhere in the United States from becoming completely penniless. The Congress recognized that it is better to forgive some debt and allow people to get a “Fresh Start” before it is too late and the creditors have completely drained them of their ability to function: to have a home; to have a car; and to get or keep their job. Why? The Congress doesn’t want you to end up totally broken, on the streets, and on the “public dole” – a further drain to the taxpayers – so they created this powerful life raft just for these situations.

Take a look at the well-know businesses that recognized that they were in trouble –just in the last decade– and used the protections of bankruptcy to give them a fresh start:

  • Pacific Gas & Electric Co.- 2001
  • Enron – 2001
  • Global Crossing Ltd. – 2002
  • Adelphia Communications – 2002
  • WorldCom – 2002
  • Tyco International Ltd.- 2002
  • US Airways – 2002 & 2004
  • Conseco – 2002
  • Trump Resorts – 2004 & 2009
  • Delta Airlines- 2005
  • Northwest Airlines – 2005
  • Delphi – 2005
  • Refco – 2005
  • IndyMac Bancorp Inc.- 2008
  • SemGroup – 2008
  • Lehman Brothers – 2008
  • Washington Mutual – 2008
  • Tribune Group (LA Times) – 2008
  • General Growth Properties – 2009
  • Chrysler – 2009
  • General Motors- 2009

Filing Bankruptcy in Los Angeles to Avoid Wage Garnishment

Filing bankruptcy in Los Angeles will stop a wage garnishment. The moment Jeffrey Williams files your bankruptcy case, all wage garnishments will STOP. Immediately upon the filing of your bankruptcy case, an automatic bankruptcy stay goes into effect and stops all collection actions against you, including any pending or on-going wage garnishments, and pending or on-going lawsuits too. Your paycheck will return to a full check. So if you just learned that your employer has recently been served with a wage garnishment order, it is critical that you contact Jeffrey Williams as soon as possible.  The preparation of you bankruptcy will take a few days to prepare, and until your bankruptcy case is filed, that wage garnishment might go into effect. Hopefully we can head it off, or only one check will be affected before we put a stop to this.

Jeffrey Williams is here to fight your Wage Garnishment

If your wages have been garnished, or if you have just learned of a pending wage garnishment, you will need the assistance of a lawyer immediately.  Contact us today to schedule your free consultation to learn how to avoid having your wages garnished or to stop a wage garnishment ASAP. 

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