What to Do About a Lawsuit ?

What to Do
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If a Lawsuit has been Filed Against You

If you find yourself involved in a lawsuit, it is very important that you take the summons seriously and deal with it immediately. Failure to respond to a legal complaint not only upsets the court, but you can end up with a slam-dunk “default judgment” against you that can lead to a lien being placed on your home, funds taken against your will from your bank account, or worse.

Here at Jeffrey Williams, we regularly work with clients having financial difficulties because of job loss, divorce, excessive medical bills and many other issues. We will help you understand all of your options and explore the best way for you to answer the summons you have received and defend against it.

Never Ignore a Legal Summons or Lawsuit

If you are being sued by a creditor, it is important that you contact a lawyer right away. If you ignore the lawsuit, it automatically becomes a default judgment for the creditor. If that default judgment is recorded in the county where you own your home, the judgment could be considered a secured debt against your house. Better that unsecured debts remain “un-secured” as they are easier to reduce or eliminate as we explore a totally-encompassing plan to deal with your debt issues.

If time has passed and your have a default judgment that has been recorded in the county where your home is representing a lien against your home, you may still be able to have the liens removed as part of a bankruptcy proceeding. That said, liens on your property create complications that can make your bankruptcy less certain, more time consuming and more expensive so, when possible, deal with them at once!

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